Here are a few testimonials from campers from the previous incarnation of this bootcamp:
  • "Awesome. Best course I've taken (in recent memory)" -- Happy Camper 0

  • "It is a very well organized 3-day boot camp.  I was quite skeptical about Python before the boot camp but now I am pretty sure I can use Python for some of my work. Thank you very much for you whole team's effort." -- Happy Camper 1

  • "The Python BootCamp was amazing and extremely successful." -- Happy Camper 2

  • "I liked the energy and intensity of the course as well as the diversity of people and disciplines represented.  Thanks for the food too!" -- Happy Camper 3

  • "We had a large turnout from NERSC/CRD at the Python Boot Camp...This was a great opportunity for us and we'd all like to thank you and your team for organizing the boot camp and for doing such a good job of presenting the material. Python is useful to us individually in our own research. We also have a large customer base that is becoming more interested in Python for large scale scientific programming projects, so this class helps us immensely in coming up to speed on the tools our customers will be asking us about...Please convey our thanks to your team and your sponsors. I'm sure we'll be sending more campers your way next year..." -- Many Happy Campers