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Testing That It All Works

Mac OS X and Linux:

  After installing the software as instructed, open up a terminal or X11 window and type:
  If you've never run ipython before you should be prompted to initialize the ipython config file (just agree). You should then see a prompt:
  When you see this, type  
In[1]: exit()
  then answer y to exit. If this all works then you have both Python and ipython installed.

  Now we need to test out if the other installations went ok. To do so, download this installation script written by Fernando Perez. In the terminal or X11 window, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the file to then at the command line type:
Note: you can download this file directly (without the need for a browser):
wget -O \
If everything goes ok, you should see something like 

Ran 14 tests in 17.088s


                           TESTS FINISHED
(plus some system info).

 If something goes wrong, either email us at for help or come to the installation help session on Tuesday (18 August) midday. If you don't have Xcode installed and you're on a Mac, chances are that some tests will fail. That's ok...we will likely not need such routines in the bootcamp.

   Under the Start menu, navigate to the EPD menu then to the Pylab program. When it fires up you should see something like:
    Now, download the installation checkout script as above and try running it from the command line (as above) 
    or from within ipython:
       In [2]:  run

Python Bootcamp,
Aug 7, 2015, 2:49 PM