At least a few days in advance of the start of the Boot Camp, please run though this Preparations document (and associated links). It will be your responsibility to ensure that the tests given at the bottom of this document actually run successfully. If you have any problems or questions in the preparation process, email us (


We are expecting that everyone will bring their own laptop (or one that you borrowed) to the Boot Camp. We're hoping that most will bring a Mac (OS X) or some Linux variant. But we wont kick you out of the room if you insist on bringing a Windows box. Please be sure to bring a (long) power cable so you can stay juiced throughout the three days.

We'll be using Python 3.5 in this Boot Camp. Other important packages to install include matplotlib, numpy, and scipy. See the Software page for detailed installation instructions. If you are using another variant of 3.* and the packages above seem to work, then you'll be fine.

Making Sure You're Ready to Rumble

You'll need make sure that python and several important packages are indeed up and running on your machine. To do this, follow the instructions at the Testing That It All Works page.

If you get any error messages we'll have an installation (pre-flight) help session on the day (Sunday August 21) before the Boot Camp begins. Otherwise, please send us email with any questions that arise.

Getting a Preview of What You're In For

If you're itching to get going, try to work through as much of the official Python tutorial as possible.

Watching Movies!

There will be too many Monty Python references to handle in this Boot Camp. If you haven't seen any Monty Python yet, you're bound to miss a bunch of inside jokes. There's still time, however! Most important is to watch the famous Spam scene.


Second most important is to watch the Holy Grail Movie:
  iTunes ($2.99 to rent; $9.99 to buy) ($2.99 to rent; $7.99 to buy)
  On-line Streaming Links