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Logistics for Monday

posted Aug 18, 2016, 12:19 PM by Joshua Bloom

The Python bootcamp is just 4 days away. We're super excited to meet and work with you all. Here's some important announcements.

1) The Start of the First Day

  Registration/checkin will be open from 8:00am to 8:25am on Monday (August 22) and we start promptly with the first lecture at 8:30am in Evans 10 on the UC Berkeley campus. Registration (and food/drinks) will be outside on the patio facing Memorial Glade.

2) Getting to the Venue

 We have no formal arrangements for parking on/near campus. Please consider that if you a driving there may be limited spots. Street parking is not advised. Given the crush of the first day's registration process, we ask that if you can, please plan to arrive well in advance of the 8:30 start time.

3) Getting Python Installed

   - Please make sure your installation and testing is complete before Monday. See the Preparation pages.

   - You will need to bring your own laptop, so if you dont have access to one now please try to secure access before Monday. EXPECT to code. A LOT. 

   - Please make sure you laptop is fully charged. We'll have only a limited number of plugs available to recharge.

4) Getting Help before the Bootcamp starts

  - If you get stuck on the Preparation instructions, you can get help from us following:

  - For those that can't get the issues worked out, we'll have an in-person help session on Sunday from 1pm to 4 pm at the Free Speech Cafe on the UC Berkeley campus.

5) Getting Help and Asking Questions During the Bootcamp

   Our Gitter Chat Room will be open and staffed during the entire bootcamp so you can ask questions of the councilors in real-time. You will need to get a github user account to participate in the room. You'll need a github account during the 2nd day of the bootcamp so it's a good idea to sign up now (for free).

 6) Food/Drink
   We will be supplying food and drinks during coffee breaks throughout the event. Lunch will be catered.

 6) Social media

    #pyboot will be the official Twitter hashtag.

See you all soon!